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Misery Loves Company?

June 27, 2011


I read. A lot. There are tons of books out there that I love in multiple genres.  I like a good book, regardless of what genre it is. How’s that? However, one trend I’ve noticed throughout the years is miserable back stories on characters. Especially in the literary and horror and even YA (hell, all […]

What an Agent Should and Shouldn’t do at a Conference

June 23, 2011


Okay, we’ve all seen the “what to do at a writers’ conference” written by literary agents for writers. We need to turn this around and list what the agent should and shouldn’t do at a conference. Since I am the Director of this year’s Dallas Fort Worth Writers’ Conference, (and a writer) I decided to […]


June 20, 2011


I was walking to lunch today and had a light bulb pop in my head. This may sound stupid, but sometimes my brain shines light on the obvious. Things that we never even think about, they just are. As I walked I realized that most of don’t have too much conflict in our lives. We […]

Father’s Day versus Mother’s Day

June 18, 2011


Father’s Day time is upon us once again. How thrilling!  A time when kids and adults can show their father just how much he means to them! Yay! A few months ago, we had the inimitable Mother’s Day.  The day where we celebrate how great mothers around the world are! Yippee!! Did you call your […]


June 16, 2011


Is it possible to never lose momentum in a story? I would say yes. I’m working on a manuscript that starts with an intense action scene. The scene peppers information about the story as you’re reading it, but you have to keep up. It’s fast. People love it.  So far everyone that has read it […]