Mayhem, Inc.

Mayhem, Inc. is a story a friend and I tossed around for awhile until I came up with a convincing enough plot to actually put it on paper.  The story is a modern day thriller of around 78,000 words.  It is based upon the premise of a secret society that has one goal: create mayhem.


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  1. Curt


    That sounds seriously cool. I hope to get a chance to read this one.

  2. Sounds pretty good. Can tell me a little more to get me hooked??


    • jasonamyers



      The main character, Archer Quinn, is obssessive compulsive about order and structure. He counts his food, puts his clothes in order of color, and only eats foods he can count. So when he meets the Mayhem, Inc. secret society, he initially does not comprehehend a group of anarchists wanting to cause mayhem–but creating that much chaos requires a substantial amount of order to pull it off, and Quinn sees this. There is order behing the chaos. He doesnt know if he should be helping them or fighting them. They are the order.


      • jasonamyers


        Ha ha, I realized I put ‘counts his food’ twice! Sorry about that 🙂

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