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October 27, 2011


I just finished the Maze Runner trilogy by Jimmy Dashner. I read a lot of books, but will read a good dystopic YA books with my youngest daughter. I like those kinds of books and reading them with her is a way to get her into reading. The 1st book, The Maze Runner was great. […]

Don’t go into the Room

November 30, 2010


Just finished Room: A novel. I have one word for it: meh. I battled through the beginning scenes with the narrative from the 5 year old’s POV. I was interested (since I never read the back of books, I only knew the overall premise, not the entire story) in why he was locked in the […]

Do You Finish?

November 15, 2010


Reading a book right now that I am not completely sold on. So far, it’s been fairly generic, sort of like flipping on your TV when there’s nothing else on, and landing on a movie that’s lukewarm.  The writing is not great (too many passive sentences!) and the writer overuses the main character’s name as […]

Favorite book?

October 26, 2010


I was thinking last night that I don’t have a favorite book. I love tons of books, but there’s not just one that I go back and re-read or even have a desire to.  Maybe it’s because I am shallow and can’t get deeper meanings in books. Who knows. I would rather move forward and […]

The Maze Runner

October 13, 2010


Been on a vacation for a while (first one of the year!) so haven’t posted in a while. I finished the Maze Runner last week. Wow. It was really freaking good. If it had adults in it, and adult language, it could have passed for an adult book. Excellent. I really enjoyed the mystery and […]


October 4, 2010


Almost done reading this book, it’s on hold for a moment. A few things. First, I didn’t know it was a kid’s book. Someone just said, “Read Leviathan if you want to read some good steampunk.” Well, I did want to read some steampunk. I just finished Boneshaker, and really liked it. Of course it […]

The Holngry Games

October 1, 2010


You know, I don’t read much YA books, but I thought I would give the Hunger Games trilogy a twhirl. I thought the first book was awesome. The second book: meh.  The third book: seriously? The Hunger Games was a great, great story. Fun, exciting, full of crazy action, decent writing, and satisfying conclusion. Catching […]


September 24, 2010


Are you a kid? Do you read kid stories? I’ve been reading a lot of teen fiction lately, just to sample it. I’ve never read much of it before. I must say that I am impressed.  They stories are pretty good (even though the Mockingjay book I am reading now is getting way too dark) […]