I wrote this story when I wondered if it there was a cure for cancer, but there was a price…as in the ultimate price.  This is a fantastical tale, even though it doesn’t appear so in the beginning.

This is another one of my early stories. It’s about two friends who meet for brunch…one of them has a huge secret to tell the other, but the truth is as horrific as it is awesome. Bear with me. This is when I just learning the craft and it might be a little rough around the edges.





Carolyn sat at a table outside a French restaurant, finishing off her latte’ when she spotted the odd figure shuffling down the street. 

She sat at a huge table, an umbrella covered her from the sun. The wind blew and she shivered. It was supposed to be warmer than this today.  She looked at her watch: 10:30 and her friend Moline was nowhere to be seen.  Carolyn leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. She was certain Moline had said ten o’clock. Perhaps she was still feeling the effects of the chemo. But Moline always called if she could not make it.

The figure still shuffled down the street in Carolyn’s direction. There were few others on the street. Carolyn couldn’t remember a time when her friend had ever been late. She ordered another latte from the waiter. He nodded and left.

Carolyn thought she spotted Moline coming toward her, but was mistaken.  The woman she spied turned into one of the brownstones a few blocks away. 

A taxi drove by slowly. Carolyn watched. The taxi continued on, disappearing around the corner. Nope, not her.

The figure was closer now; almost close enough for Carolyn to tell if it was male or female. 

The person carried a huge golfing umbrella, red and white striped. He or she had it pulled close to the head.  The person also wore brown thick pants and a long sleeved lumberjack style shirt underneath a hooded parka. Carolyn could also see thick ugly gloves on the hands. She tried to see the face, but the thick parka hood shrouded it. The figure walked in an almost lumbering fashion. Carolyn turned her nose up.  What person would wear a parka on a morning like this and—

“Carolyn!” Moline called.

Carolyn smiled and spun around in her chair.

Moline was not there. 

“Carolyn! Here!”  Moline said.

Carolyn cast about for her friend, but could not locate her. “Where are you?” 


Carolyn turned, realizing the figure coming toward her. It was Moline.

“Moline? Why are you wearing such a hideous outfit?”

Moline laughed and moved to the table. She fixed the golfing umbrella behind her in the chair.

“You’re not going to leave that huge thing open?” Carolyn said.

“I am afraid so.” Moline said.  She then sat under the umbrella and removed her parka. Never had Moline looked so beautiful. Carolyn was shocked. Her friend looked wonderful. She was shocked.

Since Moline had developed cancer, the deadly disease had begun eating her. The doctor’s told her Stage III ovarian cancer was usually deadly and they were being proved right by Moline’s own body. 

“You look fabulous!” Carolyn said.

“Thanks,” Moline said with a smile.

“Did you go to your chemo yesterday?”  Usually after Moline attended chemotherapy, she was unable to digest much food the next day. 

Moline ordered a latte from the waiter. “No.”

“What happened?”  Carolyn asked.  Moline never missed her treatments.

“I discovered something much better.”

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