Water Fast

September 30, 2017


All I wanted to do, in the end, was make it to Friday where I would get my blood work done. A friend at work challenged me to do a 14 day water fast with him and after researching it and deliberating for a few days, I agreed to do it with him. Apparently there […]

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50 Miles FAQ

February 1, 2016


If you’re here, you want to know more about the 50 mile walk and maybe even want to participate. Cool. First all, I plan on doing this April 8th 2016. So, read below. If I don’t answer your question, by all means, leave one in the comments.   FAQ Why are you doing this? Because it’s […]

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Humboldt trip report

August 26, 2015


The morale of the story: don’t believe trip reports. The second morale of the story: You can believe this one. Last week, Jeff Posey and I made the eleven hour drive up to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Our goal was to summit the Humboldt Peak of 14,084 feet.  Unfortunately, due to multiple trip reports […]

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50 Miles

March 12, 2015


  I wanted to let you know about something extraordinary I am attempting tomorrow. It won’t have an impact on your day or week or life, but maybe it will give you some entertainment during work on Friday the 13th. Recently, I saw a list of the “83 things every man should do before he […]

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The Men’s Health 60-Day Transformation Versus Men’s Health Anarchy

February 3, 2015


So, I have been looking for some new workouts to do for my cardio/HIIT stuff. Something hard. If you’ve done Insanity and The Asylum, you’re in decent shape. You want something challenging and not too easy. Found a dude on YouTube who has an entire program for free. His workouts are no slackers either. They […]

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Eyeball /Testosterone update

December 22, 2014


Well my two month hiatus from testosterone shots, is over. To be honest it was easier than I thought. I was aggravated a few times because I felt like I was spinning my wheels in my workouts. A few of my workout weights dropped and I plateaued out practically all my weights. (Dumbbell curls went down […]

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4 weeks into it

November 15, 2014


So it’s been four weeks with no testosterone TRT shots.  That means it’s completely out of my system (the t-shots have a 21 day half-life) I don’t feel tremendously different. I do have much more lethargy than I had before. I also notice that when I lift weights, I feel like I am fighting through […]

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