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Not much going on this week

April 28, 2009


Looking forward to my writer’s conference this weekend to meet with Sally Harding an agent from Canada.  Hopefully all goes well. I have a few very particular questions for her. I think I am going to do what Nathan Bransford says in his blog, and use the time to really ask some serious questions about […]


April 24, 2009


I recently had a published author offer to read one of my manuscripts. I was scared/happy about the whole thing. What if he hated it? What if he told me the thing blew chunks? What if he NEVER responded?  Sure, he’s just another human like the rest of us, but this dude has three books […]

New idea for agents on rejections

April 21, 2009


I was thinking about agents responding to writer’s queries. They simply don’t have the time to respond with a reason for their rejection on every query. It just isn’t temporally possible. But I have an idea whereby agents CAN give a response in a simple and concise manner! This will take some industry collaboration, but […]


April 19, 2009


Your first 50 pages must die! Well, that’s what I’ve been reading by a lot of agents and editors online lately. They state that most writers can remove the first 50 pages of their manuscript and the story could start there with no mess up in the train of the story.  Okay, fair enough. They’ve […]

Query the world!!!

April 13, 2009


I’ve recently entered a few “contests” that are new twists on the age old query letter. In one contest, you enter 3 sentences about your book (pretty difficult) and the other you enter a one sentence about your book….! Most writers I know have a hard enough time coming up with a one page query […]

Why do I write?

April 4, 2009


I’ve been reading posts from other writers on their blogs. I’ve noticed a considerable difference between writers who have published a book or two, and those who are yet unpublished. Those who are unpublished talk about the love of the words, the feeling of the craft, about how they feel like the universe goads them […]

#agentfail = #writerfail

April 2, 2009


Man. I slogged through many of the agentfail posts today. Writers are a bunch of bitter asses. Sure there are agents out there who are stuck up jerks, but the writers posting on the agentfail were seriously over the line. Picking on agents who tweet and blog? ARE YOU A COMPLETE DUMB ASS! These […]