Posted on 06/20/2011


I was walking to lunch today and had a light bulb pop in my head. This may sound stupid, but sometimes my brain shines light on the obvious. Things that we never even think about, they just are.

As I walked I realized that most of don’t have too much conflict in our lives. We go through our days pretty much conflict-free. And of course most people try to make it through the day with as little conflict as possible.  I assume this is just nature.  Humans try to get along to just get along.

In direct contrast to this, any story we witness, whether it be the printed word, TV shows, movies, hell even some songs, we MUST have conflict, or there is no story.  Story is conflict. A character trying to overcome an obstacle.

I assume this all falls into line with the old adage that people want to experience through these medium, something they don’t have in their normal lives.  They don’t have conflict so they want to have it in their entertainment. Think about how boring it would be to read a book that had little or no conflict.

What’s funny is conflict has to increase as the story goes on. There has to be sub-conflicts, side conflicts, a climactic conflict.

And yet…during my day all I do is try to avoid conflict.

Wow. That was cathartic.


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