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Attending a Conference: Seven Things You Must Know

May 24, 2012


So you’re going to a conference, or just left one, and wonder how you can make the best of your time, or are wondering if you just got the most out of your time. I have been involved with the DFW Writers’ Conference for over 3 years now and have some insight for you, not […]

Confessions of a Writers’ Conference Director

May 21, 2012


“You’re gonna cry.” That’s what one of my friends who runs conferences told me. She said I would cry after the conference was over. As in, such a relief of the build up and the tension and the COMPLETION all rolled into one. You hold it together for over a year, and then…then, there’s nothing […]

What an Agent Should and Shouldn’t do at a Conference

June 23, 2011


Okay, we’ve all seen the “what to do at a writers’ conference” written by literary agents for writers. We need to turn this around and list what the agent should and shouldn’t do at a conference. Since I am the Director of this year’s Dallas Fort Worth Writers’ Conference, (and a writer) I decided to […]

Free Way to meet Literary Agents, in Person!!

January 27, 2011


Hey peeps, Back! Sorry for my absence. Working for a living and working on DFWCon has kept me hopping for the past few weeks. Most folks who go to writers’ conferences have no idea that most of the people who help put it on are volunteers, and that most of them work a lot of […]

Poker success at writers’ conferences

April 27, 2010


Hey all, long time no type. Sorry, I’ve been busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. I was talking to a writer friend today who got asked for a full from an agent at a conference. I don’t know if you know this, but there are really only five things that can happen […]

DFWCON: a volunteer’s perspective

April 14, 2010


We didn’t know what we were doing. It all started (well technically it started months and months and months ago) Friday afternoon. I got the call from Michelle asking me to meet her up at the place. She wanted to go over some last minute details about how we were going to handle around 250, […]

Tasting what you cooked and it’s missing something…

March 16, 2010


I have gone back into to do some editing on my “New Adult” story. It’s a complete departure from anything I’ve ever done in the past and it shows—to me at least. While the idea of the story was simply kick ass, and my writing its usual “stumbling-upon-good”, I can’t help shake the feeling there […]