Father’s Day versus Mother’s Day

Posted on 06/18/2011


Father’s Day time is upon us once again. How thrilling!  A time when kids and adults can show their father just how much he means to them! Yay!

A few months ago, we had the inimitable Mother’s Day.  The day where we celebrate how great mothers around the world are! Yippee!!

Did you call your mother? Send her some flowers, a card? A box of chocolates? Did you go visit her? Did you?  I bet it was fun! We need to show appreciation for all our mothers have done for us over the years. I mean, they GAVE BIRTH to your sorry ass!

So let me ask you a question. Have you ever skipped Mother’s Day? Have you ever not showed your mother how much you appreciate all she’s done?  I bet you haven’t. You’d not only hurt your mother’s feelings, you’d probably piss her the hell off too.  This is just speculation here, and I am, by all admittances, using a very broad brush. These are merely accepted norms that we all live with, or think we do.

It’s almost like mothers expect to be treated like queens for a day. (I said almost! Relax moms! Sheesh.)  And maybe they should.  I can see the look of scorn on some of your faces. You’re giving me the stink eye and saying, “How dare you besmirch the sanctity that is my Mother’s Day!?”

How dare I, indeed.  Point made.

Now we have Father’s Day. W00t! You gonna call your dad? Send him a card? Get him a gift card for Home Depot?  Sure, sure…all good stuff.

But I’m gonna tell you a secret: Dads don’t really care about Father’s Day.

We really don’t.  We don’t need people to fawn all over us. Take us to dinner, buy us stuff.  If you got us nothing, we’d still be pleased as punch.  If none of our kids call us, so what? They can call any day of the freaking year! Hey! Don’t show me appreciation on one day of the year, how about all year long!?

I think the truth of it is, retailers were in a slump in the middle of the year, and had another few months before Halloween, or Thanksgiving, so they needed something to get people to buy stuff in the middle of the year.  So they made up Father’s Day to get people to purchase goods and services.  Count me suspicious, but I think that’s what it is.

Can you celebrate Father’s day without spending a dime? Yep. Do you hear ENDLESS commercials about people wanting you to buy their products for Father’s Day? Yep.

So tomorrow, if you don’t have a chance to call your dad and tell him how much he means to you, don’t sweat it. Call him Monday and tell him. He really won’t mind too much.

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