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March 28, 2009


Got Internet Explorer 8 installed, and it’s not working. Half my pages won’t load, and when I open a new tab, I get nothing. Just the IE8 page that says, “Welcome!” I can’t get a single page to load from that thing. Man, here I thought MSFT was going to finally get it right. Boy […]

In with old, out with the new

March 23, 2009


I have been following a lot of literary agents on Twitter. It’s a great tool to learn about what agents likes and dislikes are. It is also a window into a world that is much bigger than you think.  Each of the agents I follow get hundreds, if not thousands of queries per week. Far […]

Battlestar Galactica

March 20, 2009


Just finished watching the series finale…I was pleasantly surprised. I honestly thought Ronald D. Moore was the most miserable person on the planet, and was out to spread his misery to the masses. Apparently, I was wrong. No harm, no foul.  I thought RDM lost the story midway through season 3, and then really went […]

Pretty good news

March 11, 2009


Got some good news from a friend yesterday. Apparently he sent one of my stories to another guy I don’t even know.  Well the the guy read the story (one of my favorites) and said he LOVED the ending. Said it was explosive and fun to read. Cool.  It’s weird having people I don’t even […]


March 8, 2009


I’ve been following the #queryfail on Twitter for a few days and have to say, it’s made me question anything I put into a query letter now. Sure, it’s all subjective, what one agent hates, another will love…but damn some of these were such simple thing like spelling, or easy grammar changes that could have […]

Good news and more work

March 5, 2009


Just got my latest story back from my first reader. He loved it. He gave me some ideas on how to improve on the overall theme of the story, and I agree.  So I am going to back to work on the story to plug some things in that will address minor issues, but leave […]


March 3, 2009


Still somewhat in limbo.  Not sure which story to work on. I have been tooling with Telecks for a few days, but nothing too serious.  I have a thought tickling the back of my head for a new story in the Mayhem, Inc. world, but I don’t have the “second part” of the story I […]