This is a short story I wrote as a lark. It’s about a person who dies and goes to heaven and then wants to go back to a “make believe” earth.

It’s pretty simple, but fun.


Heaven on Earth





Well, I asked for it, and now I had it.

The world was in my hands and everything was moving along quite famously, thanks.

Then tell me, why was I not exceedingly happy?

Let me tell you how it happened.

It all started the day I died…


I was in Heaven, just chilling out. The day was nice (aren’t they all up here?) and I was resting under a tree alongside a small brook. 

Heaven was a great place. You could do whatever you wanted to do. If you wanted to write a play, or a song, or a new book, or paint, or anything, you could do it. If you wanted to travel anywhere you could with no need of money or a place to sleep. It was great. To tell you the truth, I was having fun. I got to travel to planets and other galaxies to see what was happening there. I traveled to the far end of the universe and hung out for three thousand seven hundred and six years. It was a nice place. I also took a trip with a few friends to the Andromeda galaxy to see a supernova. We spent four hundred years there just watching it explode and all the neat colors and stuff.

But after seven trillion six billion two million and thirty one years, I was yearning for something else. And I wasn’t certain what it was until one day it hit me.

I sat up on the edge of the brook and shouted “Eureka!” It came out as “Hishpatakcla!” because in Heaven everyone speaks the same language, and it isn’t English. (I have translated this story for you before I sent it back in time. Yes, time-travel is not an issue when one is in Heaven.)

I stood up, made one step, and then took flight. No we don’t have wings in Heaven, but we can fly whenever we want. It’s great.

I traveled around the globe in a matter of seconds. It was daylight on the other side of the planet too. When God is here with you on the planet, all days and nights are days.

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