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Standing Desk 1.75 years update

January 25, 2014


I am sad/happy to tell you that my standing desk experiment has ended. I would say it was a great success. In the beginning I really didn’t like the leg aches and being tired at the end of every day, but after a while it became the norm. I never got past the drained energy […]

Standing Desk Experiment –Week Two Update

May 11, 2012


Yes, I am still standing. I don’t think I’m completely used to it yet. I still have to sit many times during the day, and my legs feel like logs as I go home. Overall though, it’s not too bad. I feel strange if I’m NOT standing. My posture is better. If I don’t stand […]

Standing Desk Experiment –Week One Update

May 4, 2012


I’ve been reading a lot of info lately about how bad it is for people to sit all day. As in, it will KILL you. Well, I sit at a desk all day and then sit at a desk all night. During the day, as an IT manager, I am doing reports, looking at data, […]