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Water Fast

September 30, 2017


All I wanted to do, in the end, was make it to Friday where I would get my blood work done. A friend at work challenged me to do a 14 day water fast with him and after researching it and deliberating for a few days, I agreed to do it with him. Apparently there […]

Humboldt trip report

August 26, 2015


The morale of the story: don’t believe trip reports. The second morale of the story: You can believe this one. Last week, Jeff Posey and I made the eleven hour drive up to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Our goal was to summit the Humboldt Peak of 14,084 feet.  Unfortunately, due to multiple trip reports […]


October 9, 2014


I’ve been on testosterone replacement therapy for a little over a year now, and it’s working pretty well. I feel better than I have in a long time, I have put on muscle, and have more energy and vigor than I’ve had in 10 years.   There’s only one problem. I also have something called central […]

Standing Desk 1.75 years update

January 25, 2014


I am sad/happy to tell you that my standing desk experiment has ended. I would say it was a great success. In the beginning I really didn’t like the leg aches and being tired at the end of every day, but after a while it became the norm. I never got past the drained energy […]


February 28, 2012


    Nipples There, I said it. When did nipples become a word you didn’t say in polite company? And yeah, I’m gonna use a lot of euphemisms in this column and improper terms, so suck it up. I was watching The Walking Dead the other day and there was a scene where the husband […]

Boring Sleep

January 6, 2012


I am fascinated with something, but just can’t seem to make it compelling in my writing.  Probably because it’s boring as hell. It’s the time before you fall asleep. That moment when you get into bed, curled up under the covers. When I was a kid I used to use that time to let my […]

Christmas Music

December 15, 2011


There are some Christmas songs I like. There are many that I dislike. And there is one that is my kryptonite. I like most of the old stand bys. My top three are 3. Let it Snow2. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree (the original)1. Waitresses Christmas Wrapping Runner up: So This is Christmas Now I […]

Twitter’s most powerful feature

March 19, 2011


What’s the most powerful thing Twitter can do? What one thing can help you get your name out there, and sell whatever products you want? It’s simple, the Retweet. The numbers are behind it, but I see so few people who utilize it properly. Now, before I say (write) anything else, understand, I am an […]

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas

December 23, 2010


Hey everyone, hope your holidays are the best this year. I know that sadness and tragedy don’t take a holiday–ever, but I hope they skip past your door during this time of the year.    


September 15, 2010


My buddy @jamieharrington over at got me thinking about Wordle   again.  I decided to put my blog in there. Here’s what I got. Apparently, I want you fools to THINK often. SO THINK!!! heh