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New Kindle

July 30, 2010


Well, the Kindle 3 is out soon. I see the price for the non-3G version is only $139.  Not too bad.  I think $99 dollars is the price point where they will explode into mainstream.  But while $139 isn’t bad, we still have to remember, it’s a one-trick pony (and NO, I don’t have a […]

Vetting stories

July 26, 2010


I saw an article today where there is a service that will read your book and give you a real critique, as if it were a normally published book. Then I got an email from Bob Mayer mentioning the same thing. I think it’s a pretty cool idea for unpublished and indie published books. Have […]

Pop Culture

July 23, 2010


Do you watch TV? Do you go see movies? Do you keep up with the Mel Gibson tapes? The Lindsay Lohan arrest? The Gary Coleman death? Who won American Idol? In other words, do you keep up with Pop Culture? I’ve been on twitter a lot lately, and I’ve met some people who claim they […]


July 8, 2010


“Hey Bob, how are you?” Mary asked. “Fine, Mary. That’s a lovely yellow dress with frills on it. How are you?” “Oh doing well. My son just graduated from Middle School.” “He did?” “Yes. I know that you, being an attorney with a large practice could appreciate that.” “I didn’t know they had graduation ceremonies […]