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New Idea

May 10, 2013


Gonna keep writing. Like normal.   I’ve written a lot of books, but none of them have been picked up by traditional publishing, which is okay. I understand it’s a business and sometimes you just don’t strike when the iron is hot. No biggie. However, I have written quite a few books I think people […]

Coming Clean on My Experiment

July 12, 2012


   Okay, I’m gonna come clean. It’s been a year and my experiment is officially over. I don’t know whether to call it a middling success or a somewhat failure, probably somewhere in the middle. I originally started this project when the whole e-book thing was going crazy. People were becoming millionaires on amazon with […]

Everyone is broken!

July 5, 2012


  Everyone has their flaws. But most of ours are pretty small. Maybe you leave the towels on the floor in the restroom, or don’t put the twistex back on the loaf of bread after making a sandwich. But when writing characters in prose, your characters flaws must be something prominent and something that must […]

Cliches CAN work

April 2, 2012


Before reading this article, please watch this short video: Not a bad song, huh? Kind a jaunty. Now, maybe you didn’t notice, but the entire chorus of that song was a set of cliches. Yeah. THE ENTIRE CHORUS. But, I bet you didn’t notice too much did you? You were snapping your fingers, tapping […]

Shoes online

February 16, 2012


First and foremost, I am 6’3″ tall. I wear a size 15 or 14 shoe (depending on who makes it). I am a large human. So when I need to get shoes, I don’t get to waltz in like most peeps and just start trying on shoes. Oh hell no. Here’s my typical scenario. I […]

Twitter’s Emotional Vaccuum (or, NEVER sell your books on Twitter)

January 14, 2012


Yeah, you heard me right. Don’t sell your books on Twitter Don’t freaking do it.  It’s a waste of time, dumb, and categorically repugnant. If you do this, stop. You’re not using Twitter in the correct way to sell your books.  I will tell you the correct way below. I’ve been at this whole “social […]

Painting a Room and Writing a Book

October 31, 2011


Let me first begin by saying, that my wife is a wonderful person. I love her dearly. I do not tell this story to belittle her or to demean her. She’s just a means to an end. Now, with that out of the way, see if you can tell me after reading below how writing […]