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September 29, 2010


Just finished watching the 2nd episode of The Event. I gotta say, I reaalllly want to like this show. It’s speculative fiction, sci-fi, etc–which makes it right up my damn alley.  But they are getting the little things screwy. Don’t get me wrong, I can suspend disbelief in whole chunks and swallow a lot of […]


July 8, 2010


“Hey Bob, how are you?” Mary asked. “Fine, Mary. That’s a lovely yellow dress with frills on it. How are you?” “Oh doing well. My son just graduated from Middle School.” “He did?” “Yes. I know that you, being an attorney with a large practice could appreciate that.” “I didn’t know they had graduation ceremonies […]

Make Them Like You

December 29, 2009


  “Why should I care?” Read that statement again. It’s a question that Donald Maass (He needs to put 2 “M”s at the front of his name..Mmaass) and now Bob Mayer are asking about your story. (Bob got it from Don)  It all started with Maass hearing people’s story ideas, and asking the tough questions […]