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Gatekeepers and why we need them.

March 27, 2011


You all know what a proponent of gate keeping I am. In regard to books, I will always be a fan of gatekeepers. Whether it be literary agents, editors, etc.  Now that more and more folks can e-publish their books, so many people are decrying the “publishing machine” and it’s ability to keep all these […]

Twitter’s most powerful feature

March 19, 2011


What’s the most powerful thing Twitter can do? What one thing can help you get your name out there, and sell whatever products you want? It’s simple, the Retweet. The numbers are behind it, but I see so few people who utilize it properly. Now, before I say (write) anything else, understand, I am an […]

Guilty Pleasure

March 18, 2011


I have a guilty pleasure TV show. It’s not a great show, but it matches my criteria. It’s sci-fi. That’s pretty much all I ever ask for.  There are a lot of shows that are sci-fi that I don’t watch, but if it’s got an element of something supernatural I will watch it. My guilty […]

Avatar 2

March 7, 2011


So I saw Cameron is working on Avatar 2.  I think I have made my opinion known on the first one pretty clear.  In case you forgot, I was not a fan.  Take away all the flashing lights and special effects, and you’re left with the most generic story every written. If you, as a […]

Now, it’s my turn

March 1, 2011


Well the DFWcon is over.  We had a blast all weekend, and the hard work we’ve been putting in, paid off.  I am still tired. Still sore. But we made it. We landed that sucker, and it was bigger than ever in a new location with all sorts of drama and craziness behind the scenes […]