My name is Jason A. Myers. I write novels and short stories.  I’ve completed 6 8 novel-length manuscripts and numerous short stories. I have won two three  awards for my writing and had one two of my stories published in anthologies.  I’ve also been nominated for a novel-length award.

This site is to set up my platform with the ultimate goal of getting a book published by traditional methods. My books will kick you in the teeth, and laugh while you bleed–and fall under numerous categories, so there are stories for any of your weird tastes (freaks!).

So enjoy hopping around and taking a look at my work and getting to know me.

If you would like more information on any of my stories, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!


My email: jason.alan.myers@gmail.com

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  1. nice website 🙂


  2. georgiamcbridebooks


    Hi Jason. Just stopping by to say “hello” and thanks for the awesome website! Congrats on your accomplishments. Many more to come, I’m sure. Cheers- Georgia McBride


  3. Sarah Jane


    If this is Jason Allen Myers from OldTown, Fl. E-mail Me-Alrighty-S. J. O.


  4. Sarah Jane



  5. jasonamyers


    Sorry Sarah Jane, I’m from Texas.

  6. Thanks for the Twitter follow. Good luck with the writing, and all 😀

  7. Hi Jason, I’m looking for a trad publisher too! Just one novel under my belt, and one in progress so far. Look forward to sharing pubtips with you at DFWCON in April.


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