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December 2, 2010


Something weird happened to me today. I stood at the water machine we have at work, filling up my cup. (My workplace is green, so you have to bring your own cups)  While I filled this cup, watching the water slowly rise, I thought to myself, “We should worship water.” Seriously. It’s everything to our […]

Fairemont Shields

September 14, 2010


I once had a friend who told me how relationships had been broken down by a scientist who said each person had a shield around them (invisible, of course) and this shield was their personality. He called it a Fairemont (not sure of the spelling) Shield. Basically the shield had bumps and cavities and rough […]

Friends Circles

September 3, 2010


I have my annual big fantasy football draft this weekend and was thinking about my buddies I am going to see there.  I don’t typically see these guys more than once a year, but we communicate via email all the time.  For our draft, we typically meet at a local bar, get a side room […]

You’re all WHOOSIES!

June 24, 2010


Let me ask you a question. Do you attend a writer’s group? Do you have a twitter account and follow a bunch of other writers for inspiration, and “To have somebody in the trenches with you”?  Do you regularly send out tweets about, “Gotta whip this WIP into shape!”  or “500 words today, not perfect, […]