No T-Shot update

October 27, 2014


Hey all, it’s been about two and half weeks since I went cold turkey on my T-Shots. (read about why here) Figured I’d give you an update on what’s happening. I’ve noticed my libido has diminished greatly. I don’t have so much bacne (that’s back acne). I am grumpier. For no reason.  I just get […]

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October 9, 2014


I’ve been on testosterone replacement therapy for a little over a year now, and it’s working pretty well. I feel better than I have in a long time, I have put on muscle, and have more energy and vigor than I’ve had in 10 years.   There’s only one problem. I also have something called central […]

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Suit Tuesday

August 12, 2014


So. A guy at work showed up last week wearing a suit. I know that sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s not. He really did. Understand, we are a jeans and polo shirt place of employment. A suit is completely over-dressed. So I asked him why he was wearing the suit, and […]

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DFWCON Postlude

May 4, 2014


I am sitting in my comfy chair in my office, laptop in lap. Feeling a little melancholy, happy, depressed. I’ve got a glass of whiskey next to me. It’s dark in here, and I am really tired. It’s Sunday evening. It’s this way every year. Our DFWCON conference committee works pretty incessantly all year long […]

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April 26, 2014


Man, has it already been another year? Good times. This is DFWCON 7 and from what I have seen so far from all our meetings and program decisions in the background (you will never know how many arguments and discussions we have over the most minuscule details!) this year looks to be one of the […]

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Standing Desk 1.75 years update

January 25, 2014


I am sad/happy to tell you that my standing desk experiment has ended. I would say it was a great success. In the beginning I really didn’t like the leg aches and being tired at the end of every day, but after a while it became the norm. I never got past the drained energy […]

You Me and Mr. T

August 24, 2013


I’ve been trying for about 10 months to get into shape and prepare myself for old age. I know, some will say this is premature. Not me. Hell no. I am 43 getting closer to 50 every damn second.  If I wait much longer, I will be not only fighting my own body, but the […]

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