Water Fast

Posted on 09/30/2017


All I wanted to do, in the end, was make it to Friday where I would get my blood work done.

A friend at work challenged me to do a 14 day water fast with him and after researching it and deliberating for a few days, I agreed to do it with him. Apparently there are loads of health benefits from water fasting, and not too many risks (you know beyond death or toxic shock).  So I joined in.

Day 1
This was a fairly simple day. I usually fast a few times per week, but they’re just one day fasts, and Monday is mine. Needless to say, Monday went off without a hitch…until I got home. I am usually a 24-hour faster. I eat dinner, then don’t eat again until dinner the next day. Good stuff. When I got home and couldn’t eat, I got mad. Like righteously pissed! But I got over it and went to bed early, angry.

Day 2
When I woke up on Tuesday, I felt better. I had forgotten that willpower is a finite thing. It runs out. So I had my waters, my cup of black coffee, and a tea at work. Felt okay, no big deal. Then, on my drive home, I started thinking about dinner. The dinner I wasn’t going to eat. See, I can fast all day easily as long as I know there’s something (hell just a piece of chicken!) is coming at the end of the day. But here I was, pissed off again. HANGRY! I wasn’t getting anything to eat. Man. I was miserable and depressed. I went to bed early again.

Day 3
Wednesday was a strange day. I woke up again with feelings of vim and vigor. I knew I could do this. And then it hit me around lunch time.

See, people say shit like “Oh, you’ll feel so much better after day three-five and reach this point of boundless energy and enlightenment and you’ll see the wonderful world around you in all its glory!” Bullshit! All you are is miserable, every hour, thinking about how you can’t eat any damn food. And all you think of is food. All you see on TV, and in movies, is food. All you see your coworkers doing, is eating food. You smell them cooking it. You drive past 8 thousand restaurants on the way to work and home. You see all the food when you get gas. You see the pizza delivery driver.  And yet you persevere. You sip your damn water thinking, “Oh man this is the point of the fast where I change my relationship with food and get a greater understanding of my own habits and issues.”  Bullshit again. All I wanted was to have a big spaghetti from Spaghetti Warehouse.  And a smoked ham.  And then I realized I had signed up for this crap for ELEVEN MORE DAYS.

But I got home and drank my water. Stared listlessly at the TV, not giving one shit. I didn’t have the energy to do anything else. My wife had ordered a Pizza for her and my daughter.  They offered to eat it out of site, but my daughter replied, “Mom, he’s doing this voluntarily. It’s not like he HAS to do it.” Good point. The pizza smelled like the best Italian restaurant you’ve ever been to. Times TEN. I went to bed early again (there was nothing else to do!) miserable and angry.

Day 4
Thursday was a strange day.

It started out fine. I felt great that morning. However, come right around 10:30, I started noticing strange sparks in my vision. All across my vision. I could barely see. It lasted for a few minutes, and then I started having a hard time creating a real thought. The next thing was, I was talking to a coworker, but the words coming out of my mouth were not the words I was saying. I got scared. I just sat there for a minute, hoping it would pass, and tried to search the internet for an answer, but my right hand was completely numb and the words I thought I was typing, were not on the screen. I got really scared then. I decided that if this didn’t pass by 11, I was going to call my wife to come get me (if I could!).

It passed. But I still felt out of sorts. I did some more research and determined that it may have something to do salt being too low in the body. I sprinkled some salt on my tongue and let it soak in. I felt better almost instantly. I went to the little wellness room we have at work and took my blood pressure. It was like 152/80, which is WAY high for me.

I took another dose of salt when I got home and took my pressure again. It was way high again.

The deal is, all my research turned up the same Pollyanna shit. “Oh it’s just your body removing toxins.”  That’s what everyone said in every post I could find. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find one negative thing about fasting while searching which began to bug me (hence why I am writing this post!). No, that’s not true. I found one doctor in the middle east who said fasting could raise your BP. But it was the ONLY one I found.

That moment when I couldn’t speak properly scared the crap out of me–but I only had to last one more day because on Friday I was getting a small blood panel done to check my glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides.  So I stuck it out one more night.

Day 5
Well I’m finally at Friday. I am hyper-excited. My head is a little swimmy, like after not getting any sleep for a few days. I really want to see how good my numbers were after not eating for an entire week! So I went down to the wellness fair. They pricked my finger and took my blood.  A few minutes later they called me over, took blood pressure. It was 159/86!!!! I haven’t had blood pressure like that in freaking 6 years!  Then they called me over for my blood panels. I was stupefied.

My cholesterol was OFF the charts. 280, with my HDL being very low and my LDL being over 200. I’ve rarely every had my numbers be that high. My glucose was fine at 63, but I really thought they would all be that low.  My triglycerides were higher than the year before. I left there really freaked out.

And of course in my research all I could turn up was how fasting LOWERED blood pressure and how fasting causes your body to release toxins as it eats your fat so that may be why your cholesterol numbers are so high. Uh yeah. Nothing definite, except my health markers were sucking balls after not eating for 5 days.

Then, that afternoon around 3, I started to see the sparks again, but this time they were different. They were only in my left (where my CSR is) but it covered up half my peripheral vision and I started to get muddy-headed again. Once again, I freaked out. Research suggested it may be retinal separation…holy crap. I’ve had retina problems for a while now, and I didn’t need this.  I waited for a bit and it to die down, and then drove home. There, I checked my PH strips, which told me that I was extremely acidic. How? after 5 days of water!? I laid down as soon as I got home, and went to bed around ten.  Everything was going south for some reason and I felt terrible.

Day 6
That morning, my eye acted up again–and I called it quits. No more. I’d had enough. When my weak eye starts to be affected, I am tapping out. And please, don’t give me that BS that it’s toxins and my body repairing itself. Try, due to the stress I was putting on my body, my cortisol was super high and my retina was reacting by freaking out.

So I’m done now. Made 5 full days. Drank my bone broth (not the best tasting stuff, but when you haven’t eaten in 5 days…).

I’m not sure I will ever do this again unless I have to. It was a truly miserable experience and I didn’t experience any of the good sides of it. Just all pain and being miserable and hating everything.


A look at some of my numbers over the 5 days:

I lost 14 lbs in 5 days.

I dropped my fat % by 1.4

My cholesterol was 280 (with HDL being only 54) 

My triglycerides were 124, which were in the normal range, but TWICE what mine were last year!

My resting heart rate on Monday was 65 and on Saturday it was 56 (it actually 48 a number of times while I slept).

My sleep was terrible for the week.

I took my blood pressure on Saturday. It was 150/78. Again way too high for me.

My glucose was 63, which isn’t really high or low.

I was hungry every day. I never reached the point of no hunger.

I got the Keto Flu and felt like ass for a long while ( I still have a headache)

So overall, I’m not sure how well the fast did for me. Maybe great in the long term, but I am still suspicious on risk/reward ratio.


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