The Men’s Health 60-Day Transformation Versus Men’s Health Anarchy

Posted on 02/03/2015


So, I have been looking for some new workouts to do for my cardio/HIIT stuff. Something hard. If you’ve done Insanity and The Asylum, you’re in decent shape. You want something challenging and not too easy.

Found a dude on YouTube who has an entire program for free. His workouts are no slackers either. They are primarily HIIT, and he does them with you. His name is Millionaire Hoy, so go look him up. He actually has a few 90 minute workouts. Those are fun.  His moves/names/everything is very reminiscent of Shawn T and Insanity.

Those are some good vids, but I also wanted to try The Men’s Health 60-Day Transformation (MH60) and the Men’s Health Anarchy workouts too. I figured Men’s Health knows a thing or two about fitness, and I was looking for a new challenge.  And unbeknownst to me, Andy Speer the dude running the Anarchy workout was also our good buddy from Insanity: The Asylum 2! He’s also in the MH60 videos! That dude gets around.

My first question: is this for beginners or advanced folks? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about either of these programs online other than their own sites, which lack a lot of information. They do have a lot of hype and I can understand that. It sells the videos. The lack of reviews is what prompted me to write this one.

Anarchy is a 6 week plan.

MH60 is a 60 day plan.

They both claim to burn the fat off and get you cut and lean and all that bullshit. Don’t forget people, your diet is what gets you lean and cut, not your workouts. So that caveat aside, I gave them a try.


Day 1, I decided to start the MH60 first, since I bought it first. And to be honest, both programs are pretty cheap! Neither was over 50 bucks. So worth the impulse buy and investigation by me.

I will hereby say this: MH60 is a beginner plan. Fat Frying Fury video barely got a sheen on my face or body.  The main coach was pretty cool. He didn’t grate on my nerves and seemed to be trying to get the energy up. The back up singers were ok too.

The workout was only 30 minutes and I wasn’t tired at all. So I stared at my TV, shrugged and pointed my hard drive to the first Anarchy video to try it out. (I rip all my workout DVDs to a portable USB drive so I can take it with me, while saving the DVDs)

Anarchy was significantly tougher. I actually got out of breath and my heart rate got up to around 162 or so a couple of times. Not too bad. It wasn’t nearly as tough as Insanity (or even the Millionaire Hoy YouTube videos) but it was markedly more difficult than the first one. Andy’s accent (not sure if it’s SoCal or NYC) kind of got on my nerves for the first few minutes, but after a while it didn’t bug me as much.

That being said, I will keep trying them out. I am pretty sure the MH60 videos are going to get considerably harder going forward. The only problem is, you’re supposed to do the first two videos (Phase 1) for like three weeks! I don’t think I can do that without some other supplemental workouts, so why do them at all? I should go ahead and move to the Phase 2 workouts now. I am hard core, right?

I will post more as I go along.


I’ve been doing the workouts for about three weeks now. They’re still not as taxing as Insanity or even some of the more high intensity workouts I’ve done (namely some free youtube workouts) but they have merit. I feel like the instructors really know their stuff and have a freaking plan.

I still do both workouts in one day. I don’t feel like I get any burn if I don’t.

I typically start with the MH60 videos then work my way to the Anarchy ones. If you’re a beginner, start with MH60 and stay there for a few weeks–in Phase 1. I went ahead and started Phase 2 early. It’s still not that tough, but once again, if you’re new to all this, it’s a good workout. Some of them get a little hairy toward the end.

The Anarchy videos, (there are fewer of them–but they are CHEAP–well worth the price!) are much more difficult, so are for the more advanced exerciser.

To be honest, for the price I paid on these suckers, the workouts are just fine. I feel like I am getting my money’s worth.

They only have you work out three days a week (which, if you’re fit is plenty) and I did not receive any type of diet plan with them, but I already know what to eat, but I can see how this is a good start on the road to health.

I do wonder, however, since Men’s Health aims itself at the fit man, why they don’t shoot a more advanced series. Something that will make you cry for your mother.

I will keep doing these workouts for a few more months, and will give you a final update then!

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