Suit Tuesday

Posted on 08/12/2014



A guy at work showed up last week wearing a suit. I know that sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s not. He really did. Understand, we are a jeans and polo shirt place of employment. A suit is completely over-dressed.

So I asked him why he was wearing the suit, and he told me that he hated Tuesdays. So the way to get back at Tuesdays was to wear a suit. It was his giving the finger to day that sucked balls…

I thought the idea had merit, so I wore a suit the next Tuesday and will forever henceforth.

Why put on the damn thing? Why go through the tying of the tie, the wearing of the coat, especially when it’s 400 degrees outside?

Just because.

There is literally no reason to do this other than to do it. So go do it. When people see you in a suit in the office, their first reaction will be “Where’s the interview?” Followed by “You going to a funeral?” Those are the only two legitimate reasons to wear a suit in the office.

Until now.

Flip your finger to the man. Show your rebellious nature. Don’t take it lying down. Suit up.


Suit Tuesday, bitches!


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