Posted on 04/26/2014


Man, has it already been another year?

Good times. This is DFWCON 7 and from what I have seen so far from all our meetings and program decisions in the background (you will never know how many arguments and discussions we have over the most minuscule details!) this year looks to be one of the best ones I can remember (well, almost as good as the year I was director…ALMOST ! 🙂

This year we’re mixing it up a little and to be honest, you don’t have any idea on how crazy some of the stuff is we’re planning.

One item I will share with you ahead of time.

Remember The Gong Show (the idea of yours truly, I might add)? It’s a hit every year. Well this year it’s going to be even crazier, because we’re going to have it later in the day and have ALCOHOL available for the agents and you to drink while we’re reading them…I can’t wait to see what morsels come out of that one!

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