You Me and Mr. T

Posted on 08/24/2013


I’ve been trying for about 10 months to get into shape and prepare myself for old age. I know, some will say this is premature. Not me. Hell no.

I am 43 getting closer to 50 every damn second.  If I wait much longer, I will be not only fighting my own body, but the breakdown aspect in general of aging.

Data is where i like to play. Give me facts/stats/charts/etc and I can dig in like a kid in a sandbox.  So when I started gathering all the data on myself, I got all that apps on my phone, started studying my BMR, BMI, hip-to-waste ratio, body fat %, plus a million other things I probably didn’t need to waste time with.  The last number I waited to get was my testosterone level.  I didn’t need to. Hell no. I am 6’2″ tall, I am bald, I have hair on chest and back…I am a manly man!


I went to one of the local T Clinics to get my levels checked. They took my insurance so I had only $40 to lose. They would see me walk in and say, “Haha, what the hell are you doing in here?” But there I was thinking I was special. They see hundreds of dudes every damn day. I am just another number.

So I go in, consult with the main dude. They draw my blood. 4 vials of it.

I was taken to the waiting room outside. They had all kinds of sports paraphanelia, a TV in the corner playing sports. Some snack, including crackers, bars, some coffee and sodas. I got a diet coke and checked the email on my phone.

They called me back a few minutes later. The first thing the dude said was, “Why did you come in here today?”

The question caught me off guard. I didn’t have a ready answer. I hemmed and hawed for a bit and then told him I don’t feel like I have the same outlook on life I used to have. He nodded and said that I needed to have some symptoms, not just low testosterone.

I did a double take.

What did he say?

He said, “We can only treat T levels that fall under 350.”

I nodded. What was I? 400? 700?

“You’re 260.”



I million thoughts assailed me at once. I don’t remember what he said after that. I was in so many places at once. Was I less than a man? Was I weak? Would I get Roid Rage if I took the shots? What would happen?

Well short story long, I started the therapy. I am still on the opening salvo shots, so I haven’t gotten to the point where they dose me properly. They start light with everyone. Next week I get my new blood work to see what my levels are and they see if they are going to up my dosage. So next week is the Big Week.

I will post more as I get more shots and tell you what, if anything, I notice from getting the shots.



Been on T shots now for about 9 months.

What has changed?

Not too much. But I do seem to have morning wood more. I also am able to move around easier. I will post more as I notice more things. I hope it keeps getting better!

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