Is The Asylum a good Follow up to Insanity?

Posted on 06/06/2013


To be honest, I finished Insanity, and then did it again for another month (the second part) and then did Les Mills Combat. (and then did it again for a few month before I was itching for a new challenge.)

I was initially worried that I wouldn’t be able to do The Asylum workouts at all. Shaun T was already up in my grill in Insanity–just how hard would it be when he amped it up?

I was afraid, but intrigued. So hell, I did it.

I ordered both The Asylum part one and part two series. If you’ve done Insanity, I would recommend this so you don’t get too bored with just a few videos. In the second video there is a chart for The Asylum/1/2 mix and an Insanity/P90X mix too! Thank you Beach Body for realizing people wanted this.

I am doing Asylum 1 and 2 together in the hybrid they recommend. And let me tell you, it ain’t for wimps.

I would strongly suggest you watch the instructional video for the ladder a few times and familiarize yourself with the moves. You will need them, often 🙂

Shaun doesn’t waste no time on giving you instructions. Hell he doesn’t waste time on anything in these videos. It’s go-go-go for the most part. And you will feel it. There are a few hold overs from Insanity, but if you’re a Tonya-hater you will be happy. She’s no where to be found.






Hate it! You will step on it when you’re not supposed to! You will accidentally kick it and mess up your rhythm.  You will start to hate the thing. But you will also feel a deep desire to conquer it and make it your own. Also, there is the jump rope too. (Speed rope?) I thought I was in pretty sweet shape after all the stuff I have done. Hell, I am 43 and have a resting heart rate of 52. Pretty good, right!? I couldnt do any of the speed rope stuff right. I kept messing it up. And getting pissed! And there was Shaun, making it look so damn easy!! Oh and he makes the poor sucker in the video do ten pushups when they mess up their ladder. And then had the balls to tell you to “have some integrity” and fix your ladder, while doing your pushups too.

Dear, Shaun. I am the least inegritied (made up word?) person you’ve ever met. When I mess up my ladder, I kick it with my toe and keep going!

But whatevez. I kept trying and kept moving. I am about halfway through my first month now and am supposed to finish up here at the end of the month. To be honest, these workouts, while hard as hell, are more fun than Insanity. I really look forward to them. They offer up the stupid ladder, but also, you get to use dumb bells (or bands) while working out and it was great to add that in for muscle building. I know you can’t build massive muscle without lifting heavy, but man it was fun to add it in.

Overall, The Asylum is harder than Insanity, but it is more fun and a lot more…open?  It’s hard to describe. It has so many different types of moves and Shaun is his same self, which makes it funny, that you will look up and think, “Damn! Already been 45 minutes, I hardly noticed!”

Or…maybe not 🙂 It’s tough.

More to come when I get further along in the process.


Okay, I did Asylum for a few months. Then went back to do Insanity.


Insanity is harder.

At least the harder videos are harder. Heh. The MAX videos. They kicked my butt.

But you know what? I ENJOY The Asylum more. It seems like Shaun T is having more fun and it’s more invigorating. Don’t get me wrong. The Aslyum is a beast of a workout, on any day. But hot damn. Insanity Max Plyo will make you cry for your momma, no matter how good shape you’re in.

So, here’s the deal. If you’ve finished Insanity and want to check out The Asylum and are wondering if it’s harder? Nah. If you can do Insanity you can The Asylum.  Period.

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