New Idea

Posted on 05/10/2013


Gonna keep writing. Like normal.


I’ve written a lot of books, but none of them have been picked up by traditional publishing, which is okay. I understand it’s a business and sometimes you just don’t strike when the iron is hot. No biggie.

However, I have written quite a few books I think people will really enjoy reading. My experiment I did last year has so far netted me almost $1,000 bucks. Not bad for an experiment. But I am ready to remove the cover, and self-pub some books under my own name.

So my new idea is when I am finished with a book, send it out to traditional publishers (even though some of my friends feel this is a mistake) and if I get no bites, then publish it myself after getting it professionally edited.  If no agents think they can sell it to the publishing companies, that’s ok. I understand. So then I will just stick it out there and hope that some people get to read it and enjoy the hell out of it.

That’s my new method for my stories. Hopefully I don’t get burned by it, but am giving traditional publishing the first option on all of it. When all agents turn me down, then I will move on to doing it myself.

My first story will be a short story entitled, The Age of Majority. A little dystopian tale for you. Enjoy 🙂


Wish me luck!!


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