Posted on 04/28/2013


Well it’s fast approaching. Only one week away.


To be honest, I’ve taken more of a backseat this year, for a few reasons. 1. I want to let others step up and put their stamp on the conference. 2) I needed a break. After working on the DFWCON for years, man it takes its toll.

But I am still involved and I think this year’s conference (Number 6) is going to be fun for everyone. (Not as fun as MINE but still fun..I kid, I kid!!!)

I can’t believe it’s already been a year. We put so much time and effort into this thing, I can’t believe we actually pull it off every year, but we do. It’s truly a testament to the volunteers who put their sweat and tears into the thing. Yeah, we have a lot of “discussions” about things, but we always come to an agreement on things. It’s tough, but fun. Did I mention it’s a lot of work?

Please come if you can. Trust me, it will be worth your time. And look me up while you are there. I am still bald…


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