Posted on 04/13/2013


Ok, I kept watching revolution to see if they could remedy the failing thing this season. And they lost me as a viewer on the last episode.

Not that I can stand how WHITE the people’s teeth are, or the CLOTHES they wear anymore, but I am trying to overlook that. (No woman would EVER wear a skin tight shirt that shows off her washboard stomach with a leather jacket it over it when men have no laws governing their actions. EVER)

First, the daughter, after her mother tells her, “He will just escape, we have to kill him now.” Never feels on moment of remorse that not only did the bad guy escape, he killed the leader of the rebels. Seriously? And the mother never showed any anger at no one believing her. These are THIN, THIN, characters. Watching The Walking Dead has spoiled me to great, deep, characters.  As a matter of fact, after the bad guy escapes, they don’t even mention it!!! The mother says she has to leave, she takes the fat guy with the beard, and they leave.

I was like…uh…huh? What? WTF?

Seriously? This is a post-apocalyptic show. It should be FRAUGHT with adventures. With journeys. With people meeting others on the road as they move to the next “thing” they are chasing.

But no.

See, the mother and the fat guy are leaving to try and stop the virus. I am not entirely sure why the mother never did this in the YEARS she was free with her husband…but ok.  So when she says, “We’re leaving.” IMMEDIATELY the daughter, Miles, and a few other cast members should have loaded up their crap and gone with her.

But no.

They instead stay on to help the feckless rebels fight against the evil dictator.  Really?  REALLY? HOW FUCKING TRITE!  Man, that really pisses me off.

So now, it’s a show about the rebels fighting against Monroe’s men. And skirmishes and whatever they do. Who cares at this point? The show would have been a lot better if they’d had all the main characters leave to go on a grand journey together.  Look at Falling Skies! They have freaking journeys all the time and end up in different places at least twice a season! But Revolution has to take the safe road. Yawn.

Good bye, Revolution. Another series doomed to be canceled.


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