Posted on 10/02/2012


Been watching Revolution on NBC.

I am a big fan of post-apocalyptic shows/books/movies etc. I like to see what people turn into after the societal moray and folkways melt down.

Revolution just isn’t quite working.

Sure, it’s only 15 years after the power goes off, but there are some dramatic inconsistencies in the world they are building, and let’s be absolutely clear, the world is the BIGGEST character in the show.  You can’t have inconsistencies in your characters, much less your key character! The world has to be consistently effed up, or consistently not. Sure, you can have surprise moments where Holy Crap that Street Is Clean! But it seems like the writers and director just hang the entire thing on the plot without catching the small things that SCI FI NERDS LIKE ME WHO WATCH IT would catch. Good GOD, this reminds me of The Event all over again…oh wait, wasn’t that another NBC Sci-Fi show? I wish programs would stop trying to copy the Lost formula. It worked once (well twice if you count the first season of Heroes) it prolly won’t work again.

Here are some items that stick out at me and pull me DIRECTLY out of the story.

The people’s teeth are WAY too white and perfect. Come on, it’s been FIFTEEN YEARS do you really think there’s a lot of toofpaste lying around and people are concerned with brushing and flossing every day when they can’t even get enough FOOD to eat?

Glasses. Zak Orth’s glasses (fake one as the day is long, of course, those reflections give it away 100%) look PRACTICALLY NEW. How in the living hell is that possible?



In the third episode when Aaron (Zak) and the British chick (who am pretty sure is not long for the show. She serves little purpose) are walking up to Grace’s home in the country, her driveway is still perfectly flat with corn growing all around it. Yet, two scenes later they show entire buildings and streets overrun by nature. Am I supposed to believe A) that Grace is mowing the grass driveway and B) no one has come TO TAKE THE BITCH’S CORN!?!?!??!?  W T F

Why are all the hot chicks wearing SKIN TIGHT shirts and LOW RIDER pants? Seriously? It’s kill or be killed. It’s the END OF THE FUCKING WORLD and these bitches are dressed like they’re going to a rave? Sure, show some cleavage to get the men their jollies, but this just looks STUPID.

Uh, HUH? NO!



Oh and guess what would be happening to women in a world like that? Yep, they would become pieces of meat for the disgusting animals known as men.  So women would start covering themselves up again just to protect themselves and their sanity.  Good GRAVY this type of stuff drives me nuts.  Oh, and what’s up with freaking Charlotte’s brand new leather jacket? Really? After 15 years, shit would be all sorts of tore up. But there she is.  Once again, WHERE IS THE QUALITY CONTROL ON THIS SHOW?

Oh and I get it that Miles Matheson is the uncle and all and that his old buddy is running the current military power in the area….but it’s JUST IN THAT AREA!!  Why didn’t Miles, if he really wanted to get away, go into another part of the country where he’d never have to worry about the Monroe boys ever again!?  Why did he stay in the region?  Sloppy

The whole set up of Miles and Bas is such a Magneto and Professor X jerk off. Seriously.

In one scene where Aaron is trying to put a computer together, he has like 3,000 CANDLES AROUND HIM. Hey, guess what, in the NO POWER future, candles are commodity!! Don’t waste your candles!

And why is everyone (except the give up Aaron) CLEAN SHAVEN!!?!!??!  I would think that having a nice close shave would be one of the last things you give a rat’s SHIT about in the post-apocalyptic future.

Those are just a few of them. As I watch I will get more. I really hope this show goes somewhere and doesn’t turn into aggratainment to me.




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