Standing Desk Experiment –Week Two Update

Posted on 05/11/2012


Yes, I am still standing.

I don’t think I’m completely used to it yet. I still have to sit many times during the day, and my legs feel like logs as I go home.

Overall though, it’s not too bad. I feel strange if I’m NOT standing. My posture is better. If I don’t stand straight up, my back starts hurting

I can make it about two hours now, before my body screams at me to sit down for a minute. I actually made it 3 one day.

Shoes matter. Luckily my company has recently gone to a casual dress, so we’re able to wear sneakers.  I tried wearing some casual shoes one day and my feet were killing me.

I’ve also raised my keyboard and mouse and my monitors up too.  They were way too low.  I still get people coming by looking at me weird. I just send them the link.

I’m gonna do one more week of this, and then make my decision week-by-week after that. If I start to feel better and can stand more, then I am prolly going to keep going. If not, I may just have “stand” breaks during the day where I stand for an hour or so in the morning and afternoon. Stay tuned.