…THIS is American President!

Posted on 05/10/2012


We need a new way to elect politicians in this country.
The primaries and caucuses for electing candidates is slow, laborious and takes up too much time.  It is also self-defeating. See, the first 4 or 5 states where they primaries are held, aren’t even the most populous states, and yet, they weed out politicians quickly. That’s ridiculous. We should hold off on the results of the returns until all 50 states have had their primaries. Seriously. Why would I vote for Ron Paul in Texas when they don’t get to our state until like March, and by then, he’s such a distant 4th, it won’t matter if I vote for him or not?  Waste.

Also, when we get to the actual presidential election, we don’t even get to vote for the president. We vote into the electoral college, which is rife with controversy and archaic methods in a digital age.  But it does keep the riff-raff from having too much power in the election (that’s you and me, friend) so I guess it’s not too bad, right?  Google the electoral college and tell me if that’s a good way to elect the leader of the free world.

So what is my plan for improving the state of affairs? (I don’t think there’s a primary in that state—ba-dump-bump—I’ll be here all week, try the fish)

I think American Idol has it right.  I really do.  Think about how many people would watch a reality TV show about the election.

So, my idea is thus:
Each state has people who get to enter into the American President TV show. ANYONE can enter, so long as they pass the constitutional requirements.

That state has people who weed out the lesser candidates (like they have people weed out the average and sucky singers on American Idol).

The top people get to go onto the next round for each state. So let’s say, here in Texas, we have 300 people make it to the next round.  Those 300 then prepare their platform and present it to the preliminary judges. They have to have some merit here. And the drive is on because there are cameras all over the place, watching their every move.  Let’s say the judges then weed out the top 50 candidates based upon their platform and their overall character.  There would have to be some criterion for selections that everyone could agree on.  Some Star Trek geek who still lives at home with his mother might actually make a really good candidate, but when he wants to recreate the entire government in the form a Klingon Grand Council…well, you get the idea.

So when they get it down the top 50 candidates, they then start having debates. (Now, understand, in this scenario, there is no two-party election system. There are NO PARTIES, just PEOPLE. ) The debates are televised with maybe 4 guys a night. And then the folks FROM YOUR STATE vote.  You slowly whittle it down to ONE state winner over a period of a few weeks. Seriously, you could sell commercials and put this on TV every night of the week, and people WOULD watch.

So after each state picks it’s one candidate through the preliminary rounds, you would then go the next level—nationals.

At the national level, there is much more scrutiny. The cameras are more intense. The pressure is crazy.  We get background profiles on each of the candidates, just like on American Idol.  Watching one of them sitting on a swing in Mobile Alabama with some hay stuck in his teeth, while the voice over tells about him growing up.

They then start having the debates on the national stage, and everyone in the U.S. votes.  And each week, two men (or women) go home. Until you are left with your final two. They have one last debate and speech and then the U.S. votes one of them to win.  And we have our new president.  And we actually voted for him. And it was actually fun. And EVERY VOTE COUNTED.  We could even extend the length of the presidency to 6 years, and make the election of the new president an 18 month campaign.  And the leftover money from the advertising could go to the national debt.  It’s a win on so many levels.