Standing Desk Experiment –Week One Update

Posted on 05/04/2012


I’ve been reading a lot of info lately about how bad it is for people to sit all day. As in, it will KILL you.

Well, I sit at a desk all day and then sit at a desk all night. During the day, as an IT manager, I am doing reports, looking at data, putting out fires etc. I rarely get a chance to stand up.  Or even freaking think about it. At night when I get home, I sit to write, work on home stuff, and play video games.

So Monday of this week, I decided to try out standing up while I work. That’s when I have the longest duration of sitting. Also known as a “standing desk”. Below is the ghetto set up I did. I am writing this from this standing point, on a break at work.


So you’re probably thinking, “Stand up all day? Doesn’t that kill your feet?”
Well, kinda. I don’t stand up all day. Just the majority. When I first get in, I push the paper reams aside and sit for about an hour. Then I stand from around 9 until around 11. Then sit at lunch.  Then, when I get back, I stand from 12 to around 3.  By then, my entire body is screaming to just freaking sit down. But I want to push myself, so I am trying to extend the time.  I’d like to be able to eventually do it all the time. But I’m also 6’3″ and weigh 270 lbs. I am not a small human. My poor damn feet.

I am writing this on Friday. I’ve been doing it all week. My dogs still bark, and I find I have to really watch my posture while standing for so long, or my back starts to hurt.  I don’t stand in one position all the time, I walk around, go get coffee, go chat with my minions.  I also pace around while on conference calls.  So it’s not a static stand all day.

However. I have noticed two things.

I noticed on Thursday, when taking the stairs from the parking garage, my legs felt oddly firmer as I traversed down. Not more muscular, just more in control. Like they were “stabler” or some such.

Also, yesterday, I sat down around 3, my usual time. And after sitting for a little while…I felt the urge to stand back up!  Sitting felt oddly uncomfortable to me now. Well, for any length of time. I still sit for short durations during my hours long stands. But even then, it feels really weird.So I stood up again for a little while.

Yeah, my feet have a slight ache to them as I write this (it’s just after 9 am, I got in at 7 this morning been standing almost the whole time), and I am sure I won’t be used to it for a few more weeks, but I am going to try and fight through it.  I will post again next Friday with an update.