Beastie Boys–My Tribute to M.C.A

Posted on 05/04/2012


I remember it well. I was 18 years old. Still in high school. I heard Brass Monkey and thought it was the most kick ass song I’d ever heard. I went and bought the cassette tape of Licensed to Ill and WORE IT OUT. I had to go buy another one after that.

It was the first ever “album” that I loved every song on. I could quote the entire thing and knew it like I knew my own name. Whenever friends and I would hang out, we would put it into the player and JAM out to it. I have GREAT memories of that album.

Then Paul’s Boutique came out.

I was, along with everyone else apparently, not entirely sure just what happened to the Beastie Boys I knew and loved.  I was stupid. Paul’s Boutique was the B-Boys showing us what they could really do. And I was too dumb to get it. I wasted YEARS after this, ignoring the band that I had loved so much. Their next three albums I barely paid attention to.

But I remember the day, I had a guy at work offer to make me a mix tape of some of their best stuff. Now, understand, this was TEN YEARS after Licensed to Ill had come out. I missed (i might cry now) TEN YEARS of Beastie Boys love. But you know what? It just took me longer to grow up than it did them.

When I listened to this mix tape, I fell in love with the Beastie Boys all over again. I mean, Shake Your Rump? Listen to the lyrics. Pass The Mic? Oh so sweet. Sure Shot? OMG What a totally kick ass song. Sabotage?

But there will always be somewhere special in my heart for So What’cha Want. For some reason, that song has stuck with me through the years, more than any other.

So I listened to the mix tape over and over again. I loved it. It was the best of all their songs. It was a masterpiece, and I was mad at myself for missing so many good years. Why had I been so STUPID?

Then Hello Nasty came out.

I was back on the B-Boys bandwagon, and loving every minute of it. I bought Hello Nasty the first day it came out (Intergalactic anyone?) And listened to it in my cassette player for the next three months. I loved almost every song on it. It was close to Licenced to Ill for me.

Then the To the 5 Boroughs came out. I liked it, but wasn’t in love with it. But that didn’t matter, because I was going to my very fist Beastie Boys concert.

I had wanted to go like 3 years before when they were coming to Dallas with Rage Against the Machine, but that was cancelled because Mike D broke his arm. I was devastated. It was that concert that made me fall in love with Rage.

But finally, they were coming back to Dallas, and I was going to get to see them. And see them I did. Man, it was a great show. I got to see them live, and they even snuck up behind were we were sitting and did Intergalactic right behing my seats!!! I remember that concert with great affinity.  It was to be my first and last concert for the B-Boys. Now that Adam Yauch passed away today.

I am saddened by this. The Beastie Boys shaped a big part of my life, and I want the two surviving members to shut it down. No more anything B-Boys. Just let it go quietly with M.C.A.

It was a great run, and they inspired me over the years to get funky and to rock out. I thank you Adam for all the fun times you gave me and all the great memories. Without you, my life would not be the way it is now.

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