DFWCON Website

Posted on 01/31/2012


Hey Everyone,

Just to let you know the DFWCON website is up and fine. We did get some malware attack, and it’s messing with our redirects from major search engines.  NOTE: this is ONLY for the informational site. The sign up site (event brite) is fine. They are hardened against any attack, so if you’ve signed up, your personal information is fine and safe, and will be if you sign up now. The sites are completely separate.

If you go directly to the site: DFWCON.org  you will have no issues.

We’re working diligently to ferret out the l33t h4x0r who hacked into our site and will be hardening the site against them.

Once again, if you go directly to the site, you’re fine. Just don’t go through search engines (which sucks!).

Thanks for working with us to get through this insanity!!


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