Posted on 10/27/2011


I just finished the Maze Runner trilogy by Jimmy Dashner. I read a lot of books, but will read a good dystopic YA books with my youngest daughter. I like those kinds of books and reading them with her is a way to get her into reading.

The 1st book, The Maze Runner was great. Very mysterious.  I really liked it and the ending was spot on.

The Scorch Trials, the second book in the series, actually was as good as the first book. It was a completely different type of story and Dashner pulled it off well, by giving you some piecemeal information as you read so there are some things you learn, but those just create more questions.

Then we get to the final book, The Death Cure.

Man, talk about Deus Ex Machina.

First of all, he keeps the “who can you trust” thing going forever–way too long. This is the final book, let’s just ride the roller coaster to the end.  But he bogs us down in the beginning.

Then, in the middle, we go to another city that is crashing down around the characters ears, and they sort of just go there and then run away. What’s the point?

Then, he turns his antagonist from this entire massive entity, into one bad guy. Sure, I can get that, but he turns his bad guy into some caricature of what he was in the earlier book, and then it appears he’s acting alone on all this stuff, which is pretty unbelieveable.

And the ending, it’s literally “the god came down and fixed all that was wrong.” Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t nearly as fractured as Mockingjay, which was a hot mess, but after such a strong series, to end it with such a whimper, was a let down.

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