Toothin’ Troubles

Posted on 08/03/2011


I’m going to give you a tip.

Don’t ever spend a lot of money on a bluetooth headset for your phone.


Sure, sure. You might say, “Well, Jason, I’ve had my bluetooth earpiece for 6 years and it’s never failed me.”

Yeah. Uh huh. You got lucky, fool.

I’ve had five bluetooth headsets (starting on my 6th) and they are just not ready for primetime.

You probably think it’s a problem with the end user, right?  Sorry, kids.

I only use my earpiece when I am driving. (I don’t wear it in the grocery store, or when I go see a movie, or while on a jog. Do I look like a douche to you? Wait–don’t answer that.) I have a place I hang it (right on my shiny skull and bones mirror hanger) when I am done with my trip. I then pull it off and stick it back on my ear when I am driving again.  That way I can take calls, hands free and be somewhat safer than a woman applying makeup in rush hour.

And that’s it. I turn it completely off when I hang it up so as not to drain the battery unnecessarily.  Then, why in the hell do they just simply stop working? Yeah, I’m asking you. So give me an answer. <Waits>

No answer, huh?

I’ve tried different brands, bought the cheap models, which is why I thought I kept having to replace them, but OH NO! I got the super deluxe fancy ass model last time, the over $100 Plantronics, super duper gizmo version. It still took a dirt nap within a year.

So my tip again: buy the cheap ass model. It will last just as long, and you won’t feel like shit for buying a $120 model only to have it break in 6 months.

So endeth the lesson.


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