Twitter’s most powerful feature

Posted on 03/19/2011


What’s the most powerful thing Twitter can do? What one thing can help you get your name out there, and sell whatever products you want?

It’s simple, the Retweet.

The numbers are behind it, but I see so few people who utilize it properly.

Now, before I say (write) anything else, understand, I am an IT geek. I’ve been in the industry for a long time. I am NOT a “Social Media Guru”, and to be honest, I think that whole thing is a bowl of shit. No offense, but there’s no barrier to entry to social media, so ANYONE can get in and state they are an expert. Oh sure, sure you can tell me how you’ve helped your 10 clients get up to 10,000 followers or 1,000 hits a day to their blog, yay. I don’t believe anything you’ve done led to that. I believe the proof is in the pudding.

Why am I going off on this tangent? Because of I have had to teach two alleged “Social Media Experts” this small trick. (A few other folks too) and it’s really a simple stupid trick that anyone with half a stick of sense can figure out. I’m not genius. (well…)

Think about it this way, you have 1000 followers. They each on average have 500 followers. That’s 1000×500=50,000 people. There’s your strength And when you go one level deeper, you get even more.

HOWEVER! You’re not going to get 100% of a RT, we all know that. You can try things like PLZ RT to increase the odds, but you’re probably still only going to get around 2-5% RTs. That’s just normal.

What’s the single most thing you can do to make your tweet more “retweetable”? Simple, keep it so short, all someone has to do is click “RT” in whatever client they are using. If someone has to edit your tweet before RTing it, you’re going to lose a TON of people. (Hey, most of us are lazy, no doubt).

I have seen so many people sending out tweets to their 300 followers, that I KNOW they want RT’d but they never ask for anyone to RT it, and it’s freaking 139 characters long or they add so many hashtags to the end of it you have to delete 90% of them!! Come on!!!

So remember, RT is where the power is, and KEEP IT SHORT! (Especially if you’re selling a product!)


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