Guilty Pleasure

Posted on 03/18/2011


I have a guilty pleasure TV show. It’s not a great show, but it matches my criteria. It’s sci-fi. That’s pretty much all I ever ask for.  There are a lot of shows that are sci-fi that I don’t watch, but if it’s got an element of something supernatural I will watch it.

My guilty pleasure is Smallville.   I have always enjoyed Superman as a comic book, and TV shows and movies. Smallville has some of the most pedantic writing you’ve ever seen, some of the cheesiest acting, and some of the biggest plot holes you’ve ever seen. Characters that have been gone just suddenly reappear, bad guys just sort of go off into the sunset, they have too quick resolutions to major stories, many issues.

But I still watch.

I am not sure why. Maybe it’s closure. Maybe since I know this is the last season, the show will actually propel itself into “Metropolis”.  To be honest it’s a painful watch for me most of the time. The lighting on the show is dumb, the sets are poorly designed, and the plots are usually tired.

But I still watch.

I have even teared up a few times while watching it, but maybe not when you think I would. I usually get chills when something ties into the main mythology of the Superman story.  Like the scene a few years ago when Lois Lane and Clark Kent met for the first time, and Lois was just coming off a heart-breaking split from a boyfriend.  Clark and her were leaning out his barn, and Lois says, “Clark, when will I ever find the man I am supposed to be with.” And Clark says, “You’ll find him someday, Lois.”  And then they start playing the John Williams Superman theme song….DAMN that hit me.

That John Williams theme music always gets to me. Reminds me of when I was a kid and watched the first movies.

The directors are not saying whether or not Clark will put on The Suit in the finale, but if he does, and they start playing that music, I may very well start crying like a baby. (I’m such a pussy).

Do you have a guilty pleasure show? One you watch, but don’t ever fess up to?

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