Avatar 2

Posted on 03/07/2011


So I saw Cameron is working on Avatar 2.  I think I have made my opinion known on the first one pretty clear.  In case you forgot, I was not a fan.  Take away all the flashing lights and special effects, and you’re left with the most generic story every written. If you, as a writer, couldn’t see everything that was going to happen in the story before it happened, you need to hand your quill and parchment back to your local writers’ guild. Hell, I could tell you what the story was from just watching the commercial. Sure, there are only so many stories out there, but I certainly couldn’t tell you how Inception was going to end, or Pulp Fiction, or thousands of other movies.  I consider it lazy writing if I can figure the entire movie out beforehand. But, I am digressing.

I am actually a little excited by Avatar 2.

Why? Because Cameron has a good history with sequels in my opinion.

I thought Aliens was better than Alien.  I thought Terminator 2 was better than the original. Sure those movies are classics, but somehow Cameron doing part 2 of a movie actually does a good job with them. So I may go see this. But I am going to wait. If he freaking does a commercial and a I can guess the ending from the commercial, I am out.

(I also guessed the end to Shutter Island too! As soon as I saw the commercial and it showed him in an insane asylum, and the woman in the commercial said, “Who is patient 88?”  BOOM! There’s the ending.  I noticed that later commercials had taken that sentence out. 🙂


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