Now, it’s my turn

Posted on 03/01/2011


Well the DFWcon is over.  We had a blast all weekend, and the hard work we’ve been putting in, paid off.  I am still tired. Still sore. But we made it. We landed that sucker, and it was bigger than ever in a new location with all sorts of drama and craziness behind the scenes that many of you will never know anything about, and would care even less.

But we did it.  We took a bold step this year. We went to a new location, Jeff vetted it numerous times, and even when we ran into some paperwork bumps along the way, he still managed to get through them. We increased the number of attendees, and spent lots of time and blood and sweat.

We lost the third part of our trifecta to a soul-sucking illness, and that about broke Jeff and caused me to wither up too. We worked so hard and so long with Michelle, but she has to take care of herself first. It was tough, but we had people step up to the challenge.

One person, Jamie Harrington, pwned her spot. She DM’d me on twitter and asked if there was anything she could do when she heard about Michelle. I DM’d her back and told her there was. She jumped in with both feet, with nary a month or so before the conference. She had no idea what we were working on, and how we had set everything up, but she did it. She pulled it off. Jamie, thank you very much. You may have saved us.

Steve worked quietly in the shadows as he normally does, but without Steve (the Backbone of the conference) the thing would never have had liftoff.  The entire DFW Workshop and the DFWcon should thank Steve profusely for all of his contributions and time.  Steve is one person I will never mind working with.

Other people that helped out: Tracy. She did such a tremendous job on the entire vendor thing. Honestly, I didn’t think she could do it, but damn she was just so awesome. She got us more vendors than we’ve ever had, and even oversold us to some extent.  She is a trooper and I really enjoy her insight and candor.

Eric and Danielle’s help with the pitch sessions got me through a very busy weekend. They were both there and helpful and just great. Eric kept everyone laughing with his wit and Danielle kept everyone on time (even me!).  Thanks, guys.

And then, there’s Jeff. Most people don’t know it but Jeff was dealing with personal things too. I’m not going to go into it here, it’s not my place. Jeff and I had many heart-to-hearts over the last year, when he was feeling it might be better for the conference if he stepped down.  I talked him out of it, and I am glad I did. He pulled off one of the best conferences I have ever been to.  Jeff, you’re like a brother to me now, and I am thankful we have become such good friends over the years we’ve been working on this thing together.  I’m glad to call you friend.

Also to Larry, he got all the wranglers sorted out and did an exemplary job as usual. Larry (who’s last name shall not be spoken on a public blog) will be missed next year after he moves. Larry, you’re the man, and I am glad to have known you.

To all the agents and editor (Faith will laugh at that) I thank you for attending. I thank you for accepting my humble invitation to a little conference in Texas.  I met and spoke with you all at length, and felt like I bonded with almost all of you. You are all good people, to hell with what you do for a living.  Jim, your story about “the blanket” had me in tears. Colleen it was good to finally meet you after all these years I have been chasing you.  Elana, I’m glad I finally know how to say your name. The Browns, good luck with your epub. The two ladies who came from Lori Perkins, it was truly a pleasure to laugh with you and Louise, that dinner Sunday night was a blast.  Jessica, Chelsea, Kate, Amy, and Weronika, we didn’t get to talk as much, but it was a great pleasure to work with you.  Dr. Stender, I can’t wait until you come again. I promise to fill your dance card. Dawn and Jean, you two were fun to talk to escpecially at our Sunday night dinner. It was great fun. Hope you liked the sopapilla!  Jean, best wished on your wedding this weekend. Thanks for coming to the con when you were so close to it. Elana, thanks for the differentiation between the city and the city.

If there’s any of you I have forgotten, I apologize. My brain is still addled from this weekend.

Jeff handed me the gong whacker, and now I am the director for DFWCon 2012. I hope my conference goes as smoothly and is half the conference Jeff put on in 2011. Thanks to you all, and if there’s anyone I forgot, no slight was intended. I take all the blame.

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