Free Way to meet Literary Agents, in Person!!

Posted on 01/27/2011


Hey peeps,

Back! Sorry for my absence. Working for a living and working on DFWCon has kept me hopping for the past few weeks.

Most folks who go to writers’ conferences have no idea that most of the people who help put it on are volunteers, and that most of them work a lot of hours to pull the conference off. Let me tell you, it’s a  lot of work with a team of people.  Our group has been super busy for the past few months, and it’s only getting more so as we get closer.

Go read my blog over on our conference site:

So how do you meet an agent for free and get to spend a ton of time with them? VOLUNTEER FOR A WRITERS’ CONFERENCE NEAR YOU!!!

It’s really that simple, and most conferences need people to help out. So they will welcome you with open arms!

Offer your time up and see what happens.