Don’t go into the Room

Posted on 11/30/2010


Just finished Room: A novel.

I have one word for it: meh.

I battled through the beginning scenes with the narrative from the 5 year old’s POV. I was interested (since I never read the back of books, I only knew the overall premise, not the entire story) in why he was locked in the room with his mother.

Was he like the antichrist and someone wanted to keep him holed up?

Was he an alien from another planet, and the woman was his caregiver?

Was this a different worlds fantasy story that takes place in the future/past?

Naw, it was none of those.  It was a kid locked in a room with his mother by a psychopath. <–drag mouse to see this SPOILER.

So when I figured that out, I thought, “Okay, I can fight through it a little more.”

But then the escape happened and it was the climax of the book. Half way through the book.

Nothing happens after that, except for the boy experiencing the world for the first time (which was all stupid too, since all he did was WATCH FREAKING TV which would tell him all he ever needed to know about the world) and I was not interested. It was like watching a baby experience the world for the first time.  About as exciting too.

Gosh, I have to wonder what editor (if any) looked at this book.  It got a lot of good reviews on Amazon, but I think the Emperor is naked.

You can’t have your climax in the middle of the book! It should have freaking been a short story.  WASTE of my time.  I kept expecting some grand revelation toward the end of the book, but there was none. One problem with reading a book: some times you get fooled by the writer into thinking something is coming, but there’s nothing behind the curtain. So shame on me for fighting through it. Or applaud her for writing it in such a way I kept reading, even though the story just came to a dead end.



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