Posted on 11/07/2010


I never get to eat fast food breakfast’s.

We all have our guilty pleasures and that’s one of mine. I like going to any fast food restaurant and getting something off their menu in the morning. Fast food morning food tastes NOTHING like home cooked food, and I don’t like it every day, but I do sometimes.

But I never get to.

See, usually, during the week, I am in too big of a hurry to get to work.  Not only that, I don’t like getting to work with a belly stuffed full of food. Makes me feel lethargic and shitty all day.  So during the week, I never get to eat it.

On the weekends, I am usually so busy or wake up too late to drive and get it.

But this morning, I got up early enough and had nothing to do. So I drove over to Sonic.  Not my choice. It was my wife’s choice and although I don’t want to blame her for all of this, I am feeling quite childish today and looking to lay blame on someone close so I can bitch.  I have multiple extremely weak reasons to blame her, and none of them are worth a shit, so I am just keeping them to myself and not bugging her with them.  I mean, why should I? I mean…she got all the stuff she ordered, right? Is it her fault she sent me instead of her going, is it her fault she orders the most tricked up, off the menu crap you’ve ever seen? Is it her fault I wanted to go somewhere else where I knew the menu better?


It’s really all my fault.

I should have checked the bag. And I would have, if I had known exactly what I had ordered, but I wasn’t completely sure what I had ordered, so I didn’t.  Yes, Joe Peschi was right.

So the one morning I was able to actually go and indulge my little guilty pleasure, I got screwed.

Thank you Sonic. That’s the last time I go to your house for breakfast.

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