Do you “Get it”?

Posted on 10/21/2010


I have been of the belief for a very long time, that there are three types of people in this world.

Those who “get it”.

Those who don’t.

Those who think they do.

Firstly, if you are asking what “it” is…then you do NOT get it. You’re done here, you can move along. No, seriously. You don’t get it, you more than likely never will and you probably don’t even care that you don’t get it.

No worries! I’m just some IT/writer schlep spewing out some rhetoric here. Ignore me at you leisure…and your peril. (heh)

That’s a pretty good description of people who don’t get it.  They just dont and have no idea they don’t. But those who do get it, they know the difference between the two–almost immediately in most cases.

Is it any big deal if you don’t get it? Not really. But life may not be as fulfilling for you as it is for those who get it.  There are many things you’re missing out on–small but enriching things.

Those who do get it can identify others who do with almost a smile and a wink. When you start talking to someone who gets it, you typically know right off.  Sometimes it takes a while, and sometimes you may think someone gets it, when they don’t.   And there are different ways of getting it too!

A quick “for instance”. I met two of my writer buddies for the first time about a year ago. I will name them Jamie Barrington and Jack Posey.   When I first met Jamie was at our writers’ workshop. We had never met, but we started talking and I’m telling you, I could almost hear a gigantic CLICK in my head after only a few minutes.  With Jack, it was a little bit longer, only because we didn’t get a real chance to talk.  But over a period of a couple of months’ time, I saw that he did get it.  Now, here’s the neat thing about people that get it: Jeff and Jamie can both read this and know that each other gets it. They probably already know this.  And if they had never met each other, but only read about this here, they would know that when they DID meet, they would click.

Now, all of you who get it right now are nodding and saying, “Yep. That’s how it is.”  Those of you who don’t get it, are still scratching your heads wondering just what “it” is.  Like I said…don’t sweat it! If this entire column is confusing as hell to you, that’s perfectly fine. Run along now.

And lastly, we have those who do not get it, but know those who do, and witness how they act…and they fake it.  These people are dangerous.  They will attempt to do the right things and act the right way, to get in with the people who do get it…but there’s always something a little off with them. And they will slowly attempt to tear you away from others who get it.  They are devious people and probably don’t even know what they are doing as their stir up mayhem and unquiet.  Anyone who adamantly claims that they do get it, is suspicious.  It’s them who can corrupt friendships and create issues where there were none before.

Can I tell if you get it or not? Can you tell if I do? That all depends. If you do get it, and you talk to me, then you can tell I get it, and vice versa. But if you don’t get it, and we talk, then you will still be scratching your head wondering just what this “it” is.

Sorry about that.




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