Posted on 10/20/2010


Oh, my dear friend how I will miss you!  It was us against the publishing world!

When I first decided I was going to throw my hat in the ring and become a “real” writer (as opposed to a fake one) I knew I needed to step up my game in one area. That area was my printer. I had a simple inkjet printer, an HP something or other.  I needed a laser printer.  I wanted my printouts to be sharp and professional.

Now, of course this was back when almost all agents required a physical query letter and few would entertain the idea of an email query letter.  Yeah, it was that long ago.

Well, this printer has been with me my entire amateur writing career.  It’s been a good friend. It’s a Samsung ML-1450. I got it for $100 at Comp USA.  Yeah, it’s been that long ago.  It was a sweet looking printer, looked like a laser printer you find in offices around the country. I loved it because it was professional grade.



Now, I replaced it with a new Samsung (Darth Vader), with wireless connectivity. The new printer is smaller, black, and has a 250 page tray. (As opposed to the the 500 page tray in my old Samsung) It looks more futuristic and prints more pages per minute, etc.  But I still wish I hadn’t had to get it.  I wanted to keep my old one running forever. We were pals.  Sure it was just a B&W laser printer. no big deal–but to me it was my buddy.  It made that kick ass warming up sound right before it printed your page (just like the printers in offices). I get a tear thinking about it.

Tonight I will be installing my new Samsung printer and moving my old one off my desk. I will take it to the recycling center.

Alas, ML-1450, I hardly knew yee.

R.I.P. old buddy.

You have anything that’s been with you since the beginning? Something that you thought, “This is going to help me become a professional!”







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