The Maze Runner

Posted on 10/13/2010


Been on a vacation for a while (first one of the year!) so haven’t posted in a while.

I finished the Maze Runner last week. Wow. It was really freaking good. If it had adults in it, and adult language, it could have passed for an adult book. Excellent.

I really enjoyed the mystery and the idea of putting the boys in the Maze (I won’t give you much more than that).  The ending was creepy, but what really, REALLY grabbed me by the cojones was the freaking “Read the first exciting chapter from the NEXT book!”

Oh damn.

I read it and it hooked me.  Whoever had the brilliant idea of adding in that chapter at the end of the first book, was…well…brilliant.  The way the chapter ended literally made me sign on the intarwebz and look for the next book…but alas…it wasn’t out yet. DAMN IT!

If you’re an adult, looking for some really good YA to read, I recommend this. It’s a touch science-fictiony, (which I love of course) but not overtly.

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