Posted on 10/04/2010


Almost done reading this book, it’s on hold for a moment. A few things.

First, I didn’t know it was a kid’s book. Someone just said, “Read Leviathan if you want to read some good steampunk.”

Well, I did want to read some steampunk. I just finished Boneshaker, and really liked it. Of course it had zombies in it, which I always dig, so that might have had something to do with it.
Regardless! I was sorta taken aback when I realized that Leviathan wasn’t even a YA book, it’s damn near a MG book. My adult brain felt extremely fooled by this realization.  It knew, even though I didn’t, that it was not getting fulfilled.  The story was just too young for me.  I am not entirely sure how to explain this, but I wasn’t engaged at all. Which leads me to my second point:

The characters are okay, but the beat down I have to endure on the technicalities of the ships and the walkers just makes me scream, MERCY!  It’s like reading a middle-grade Tom Clancy novel!  I mean, come on! Sure, Westerfeld made some pretty cool creatures and machines (that literally sound like they came out of a 12 year old’s head!!) but I like to leave a skosh left to my own simple adult brain.

This is souring me on kid’s books.

But!!!  The Maze Runner is not.

Almost finished with it too, and it’s pretty freaking good. Fast-paced, mysterious. I am digging it.  But, once again, it’s a kid’s book.

For some reason, my adult mind craves deeper meanings, more complex characters, a theme, etc. Maybe The Maze Runner will have a theme at the end. It certainly appears it’s heading that way.

Anyone else have this slight disconnect when reading kid’s books? Or is it just me? I am the only one who can’t hear the bell when it is shaken? (If you get that reference…call me.)

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