The Holngry Games

Posted on 10/01/2010


You know, I don’t read much YA books, but I thought I would give the Hunger Games trilogy a twhirl.

I thought the first book was awesome. The second book: meh.  The third book: seriously?

The Hunger Games was a great, great story. Fun, exciting, full of crazy action, decent writing, and satisfying conclusion.

Catching Fire seemed like the characters were just hanging out in the beginning of the book, and then WHAM the bad guys did something. The protagonist had no control at all over what happened to her, which is okay, but it wasn’t too compelling. And in the second book, the female protagonist seemed to lose her appeal. (Of course this is just me! All my opinion, people!)  She was still a super awesome bad ass , but she has absolutely NO redeeming qualities. She’s just a bitch who has ZERO connection to her feelings and emotions. Blech.  No thanks.

Then, in book three, everything changes, but I found I really didn’t care. If the hero died, so what. If her pals died, so what? I mean, their lives were unrelentingly miserable, they’d be happier dead.  And none of them seemed to keen on living any way.

And the end? The Final Scene? Where the hero and the villain are on the stage, battling it out? Didn’t happen. I’m not gonna say more than that about the ending. Go read it for yourself.

I think my “give a shit” slipped into neutral when a mystery in the first two books was not properly addressed and the characters are just there. No build up to it, just, “Mystery was solved when you weren’t looking.”

I guess it was like The Matrix to me. The first one was a masterpiece.  The rest were a let down.

What did you think?

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