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Just finished watching the 2nd episode of The Event.

I gotta say, I reaalllly want to like this show. It’s speculative fiction, sci-fi, etc–which makes it right up my damn alley.  But they are getting the little things screwy. Don’t get me wrong, I can suspend disbelief in whole chunks and swallow a lot of “yeah rights” if done correctly, but the problems with The Event have categorically NOTHING to do with the science fiction part of the story!  It’s just shoddy writing.

It’s as if the person who wrote Heroes is writing it.<shivers>


The father of a kidnapped girl, happens to be a pilot. The kidnappers tell him that IF HE FLIES A PLANE FULL OF PASSENGERS INTO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND HIS PEOPLE, THEY WON’T KILL THE MAN’S DAUGHTER.  Yeah…um…that’s just plain stupid as shit. No one would agree to that. Kill 300 people so you don’t kill my daughter? Seriously?

Oh..and that plane? The people who kidnapped the pilots daughter to have him kill the president? They’re a secret group of people. Like barely humans.  You with me? Well, they have been held hostage by our government for a VERY long time.  You still with me?  GoooOOOOood! Because, the president of the united states is about to announce he is going to FREE them all! Let them walk among us!!!


The very same people he is going to free, decide to fly a f–king JET PLANE into him, right before he is to announce it! Why? Good question. They have a conversation between the special people who are all hyped up about the plane almost killing the president.. Why mess it up when your people are about to be freed? Okay…maybe there’s more plot here…but! stick with me, because I am building up to the biggest problem I have. All of these are baby steps to get you there.

The boyfriend of the kidnapped girl was on a cruise with her (that’s where she got kidnapped). She gets (suspiciously) sick and can’t go snorkeling with him, so he goes with another chick.  When he gets back, his room is empty, his girl is gone, and the SHIP SAYS HE WAS NEVER A PASSENGER.
Okay, I can swallow SOME of this…except…later on in the show, when a nurse calls in his name to the cops after rescuing him from the desert (I know, it’s all over the map), the cops records shoe that the boyfriend MURDERED a dude on that ship…um how in the hell could he have murdered someone on the ship, if THEY SHOW NO RECORD OF HIM BEING THERE!!  Hey, hero! Why donchya have the cops check with the ship and show that your ass was never on it!!!??  SHIT SHIT SHIT

Okay, and now for the best of the worst… and I do mean the effing WORST.

The president has the leader of the secret people. She and the prez were going to stand together in unity when he announced her people were free!! (You know, the same people who tried to kill the president!?)  Sure, sure. No big deal, right?

So, let’s be clear here. The president was almost assassinated by a jet plane in Florida, when he was about to announce the freedom of the secret strange people and set them free. With him was the woman who is the ostensible leader of said secret people.  You still with me?

So, after the plane almost smacks into the president (AND THE SECRET WOMAN TOO!  SHE WAS WITH HIM!) and he lives, he goes to pay the secret leader woman a visit in the cell they are holding her in.

Here is the dialogue directly from the closed caption (with some minor edits from me):

President: Hello, Sofia
Sofia: scratches her finger
President: When I woke this morning, I thought I was going to be making history, announcing to the world that humanity was not alone, and I was freeing your people to live freely and peacefully among us.   Now, I was told many times that I was making a mistake and that I didn’t know your true agenda. Apparently some people thought this so strongly they’d try to kill me before I could make that announcement. And as it turns out it would have been a mistake. (A mistake? Why? Why does he say this? This makes no sense. The story never goes in this direction.) <then he goes on a for a while about himself and if he just being naive, narcissistic or stupid or what then he says he needs to take responsibility and he’s gonna give her the chance to do that too, and give her the chance to tell him why she deceived him. (I am not sure WHY he thinks she is deceiving him…they NEVER explain this entire scene)>
Sofia: All I can tell you is we mean you no harm. My people saved your life. (remember this line)
President: Is that really what happened? Or did they save your life? How many more of you are there out there? (and if there are more of them out there, holding the ones they have really doesn’t matter too much does it?)
And then they go on from there.

So beyond the quips I added above…my biggest problem with this entire scene is right after Sofia says, “We saved your life.” The VERY next question out of the president’s mouth should have been, “From who?” As in…WHO DID YOU SAVE ME FROM!?!?! WHO IS TRYING TO KILL ME!?!?!?   I mean, seriously?  He says he made a mistake by letting them go and that she deceived him…yet they don’t fully explain any of this. If someone was trying to kill you, wouldn’t you want to know who it was? He doesn’t seem to care. He never calls her out.

Oh…and the hero in the story…they do a flashback with him FIVE YEARS back, and he has the same stupid 5 o’clock mustache and goatee that he has in every scene. I mean, the guy freaking doesn’t sleep or shower for almost two days, but still has the same damn weak ass hair on his face!  It was so funny, when they went to the flashback, and they first showed him, I paused the TV, and my wife blurted out, “Don’t even say it! I already know.” Because she noticed the stupid face hair too…Damn.

Can’t someone write a decent mixed up mystery any more? I mean, Lost did it well most of the time (the ending…meh, but 6 years of OMG TV…) Heroes did it well the first season sans the finale, but yet no other TV show has been able to pull it off.

Enough of this. NBC, you’re on notice. This show better improve and quick or I am pulling the plug on it.

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